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Stewart Amos S Series
Stewart Amos S Series

In 1938, Al Amos founded the company as a distributor of mineral processing and aggregate production equipment for the limestone quarries located in Pennsylvania. Today, that division has evolved into one of the mid-Atlantic region’s premier suppliers of aggregate crushing and conveying equipment.

Also based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Bob Stewart started a road building machinery distribution company in 1947. The sales of asphalt pavers, compaction equipment, earthmoving machinery, refuse bodies and street sweepers fueled the growth of this division. Today, the Stewart division concentrates on providing specialty wear item solutions for the construction and mining industries.

In 2004, a separate company was formed to design and manufacture chassis mounted mechanical broom street sweeping equipment, Stewrt-Amos. Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co. combined the talents in engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing from the Equipment Co. with the capabilities of sweeper specific personnel brought on board to spearhead the product line.

Stewart Amos Galaxy Series Video

Today, Stewart-Amos manufactures a full line of regenerative air and a mechanical broom sweepers for the construction, industrial and municipal markets. The Stewart-Amos Sweeper is designed to be an easy-to-use and maintain design. One feature that makes our system stand out is the use of a dual engine design for all their models, although single engine designs are available as well. The two engine design allows the flexibility to mount the system on almost any chassis. This design allows us to offer this in almost any country and be able to utilize a local chassis for the sweeper.

Another feature that makes our sweepers attractive to our customers, it is simple.  Our design is to use one part as much as possible across all of the sweeper products. Stewart Amos Sweepers have the solution to any problem.

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