Vector – A history of proven vacuum performance

Vector Technologies has over 30 years of vacuum

Vector 721 Shipyard Diesel  Baghouse UP
experience Vector 721 Shipyard Diesel Baghouse
meeting the needs of varied industries, contractors and governments worldwide. We have placed over 4,000 VecLoader systems worldwide. Vector Technologies has patented features and standard features not available in other vacuum systems.

Power Pack & Engine Controls

An enhanced control panel on the Tier III or Tier IV diesel engine features digital displays for tachometer, engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel consumption, voltage, and engine run hours. Vector’s automatic dump mode with dump cycle timer manages the engine, enhancing the ability to discharge collected materials efficiently.

Operating Controls

The VecLoader control panel completely manages vacuum and control functions. On/off selector switches include vacuum, hydraulic lock-out, baghouse pulse system, and vibrator controls. The design allows users to isolate individual machine functions, simplifying problem diagnostics and troubleshooting, and providing flexibility of operation.

Baghouse & Filtration

The VecLoader two-stage collection system consists of a cyclone collector/baghouse with tangential inlet and conical storage area. The collector utilizes Kleanprop™ Teflon coated seam sealed felted polypropylene bags continuously cleaned with reverse pulses of air while the vacuum is in operation. Better sealing enhances environmental and blower protection and is much more efficient than competitively offered snap-lock bags. Secondary microfiltration is provided on the clean-air side of the baghouse for added environmental and blower protection.

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