Pipeline CCTV Inspection Systems

We are the leading manufacturer of Closed Circuit TV Inspection and Rehabilitation Equipment specializing in underground infrastructure and environmental inspection and repair systems for the sanitary sewer and water utility industries worldwide. We have been doing business for more than 40 years offering high quality products that have been thoroughly tested in our Research & Development department, and in the field.

Our customers use the latest technology on the most reliable equipment to perform I/I studies, troubleshooting, routine inspection and maintenance of underground infrastructure and pipeline rehabilitation. When combined with one of our industry Data Collection/Asset Management software programs, our customers have the most powerful tools to satisfy all their needs.

Our equipment incorporates the latest design features and technology to provide the serviceability and reliability to meet the needs of our customers and the market. We are preferred in the industry by those who recognize that product quality; reliability, field serviceability and dependable service lead to increased production and maximized profitability.

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