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Marion Body Works

Family-owned and family-operated, Marion Body Works takes the time to ensure your truck building experience is rewarding: fire chiefs and crew members are invited to work directly with us to plan specific features/components as well as advanced innovations, and to see vehicles being built. Customized to Drive Greatness means you get the truck you NEED.

The right materials—Marion’s standard stainless steel piping, multiplex wiring, and aluminum body construction reduce downtime.

A reliable pump—Pair your selection of any size Hale, Waterous, or Darley Midship pump with a lifetime guaranteed 500- to 3,000-gallon water and foam tank.

Bring what you need—Customize the compartments and ladder storage on your Marion pumper to fit your specific needs.

Ergonomic design—Our pump panels are designed with the user in mind, and safety features are standard.

Industry-leading warranties—We provide a standard 2-year bumper to bumper warranty.


Frazer Ambulances

Frazer, Ltd.

Established in 1956, Frazer, Ltd. is a family-owned company serving Fire and EMS organizations throughout the country. At Frazer, we build the best product at the most competitive price, providing our customers with the best service around, in the safest way possible. Our skilled employees and trained technicians help carry out the Frazer mission statement with you in mind.

We start with a basic yet reliable design. We add ultra-strong aluminum, generator power and other features specifically customized to meet your exact needs. You want to arrive at your incident with a vehicle you can rely on. We give you that strong and safe environment to do the work you love.

We build over 200 highly durable units per year for our customers. Our vehicles enable you to fulfill your mission of saving lives in a climate-controlled, emergency room type environment.

Visit www.frazerbilt.com for more information.


Rescue Vac Industries, Inc.


Award Winning Equipment from RescueVac

RescueVac Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes rescue equipment for fire departments, emergency response teams, and general industry.

Recognizing that victims of trench collapse incidents were dying due to extended rescue times, which could take 6-8 hours using shovels and buckets to remove the dirt, it was determined that a better way had to be made available. Through advanced and patented equipment and procedures, the Rescue Vac System was created.

Named a winner of the 2009 Chicago Innovation Awards, the RescueVac “Saves Time, Saves Lives”, by reducing the rescue time by as much as 80%, taking a rescue from hours to minutes. In addition to increasing the survivability of both victims and rescuers, faster rescue times have meant significantly reduced manpower needs and operating costs.

  • Increase Rescuer Safety
  • Reduce Incident On Scene Time
  • Increase Victim Survivability
  • Reduce Manpower Needs

Visit rescuevac.com for more information.

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Only The Best Equipment

Only The Best Equipment