Advanced Membrane Filtration System

Corncob Inc., advanced membrane filtration system is earmarked to revolutionize the water industry and industrial sector; changing how water is filtered, cleaned and processed.

The CORNCOB II Dynamic-MembraneTM filtration system, with its proprietary high-velocity cross flow (HVCF) disc configuration, is the perfect membrane filtration system!

Current membrane processes rely on high-energy pumping to recirculate fluid through a series of static membranes to achieve high cross-flow velocity.

The CORNCOB II system’s pressure enclosure houses an innovative Dynamic-MembraneTM cartridge. During operation, the doublesided membrane discs rotate in the fluid. The rapid rotational action creates high surface relative velocity, between the fluid and membrane surface, resulting in maximum cross-flow velocity.

The benefits of moving the membranes, not the fluid, are numerous including higher long-term flux, significant cost savings, alongside a 50% plus reduction in energy requirements.

What Can The Perfect Membrane Filter Do?

50% + in decreased energy usage

Little pre-treatment & chemicals

Handles large solids concentrations

Self-cleaning high
flux rates

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Only The Best Equipment