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Signature-Series-1-leftsideSince 1976, Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. has developed its products to be the best in their class. We have continued to be the industry leader in manufacturing and sales of heavy duty customized service bodies, service body cranes and lube bodies. Over the years, new products have been introduced and existing products have been improved…all with the common goal of offering only the very highest quality, value priced, products to our customers…dealers and end users alike.

Our very first body design was called a BMT (Basic Maintainer Body) and was a flatbed with a behind cab mounted fixed boom crane. It was designed to fulfill a specific customer need to service equipment in the field.

The first one-ton pressurized storage system (PSS) Maintainer service body with 6,000 lb. capacity full hydraulic telescoping boom crane was introduced in the fall of 1981. In 1984, as a result of increasing demand, the company introduced a two-ton version with an 8,000 lb. capacity crane.

As our company continued to grow, its reputation for high quality market driven custom products led to the development of a two-ton lubrication body. The crane product line was expanded to include lift capacities of 3,000 through 14,000 lbs. and state of the art closed-center hydraulics were added to provide simultaneous multiple function operation. Since then, the list of product enhancements and custom options available has literally exploded.

Maintainer is truly a one-stop-shop with an enormous capacity to satisfy its customers…giving them what they want, at a fair price and superior return on investment. Maintainer is an exciting company with excellent products and committed people ready to serve you.


Maintainer’s Signature Series are models that have been configured to include Maintainer’s most commonly requested features. Although these models do not allow for much customer configuration as in a new custom body, the Signature Series bodies give the customer the best value on popular features as well as reduced lead times as many are being constructed for inventory.

The Signature Series bodies #1, #2 and #3 are all Mechanics Service Trucks featuring our premium quality Maintainer cranes with wireless controller. Each comes with an hydraulic 40-CFM air compressor with air kit, two DuaLock roll-out drawer sets, rear workbench push bumper, exterior flood lights (one permanent and one remote), interior compartment LED strip lights, and many other useful options and features. Each come with two hydraulic up/down outriggers for safety while performing the job.

Signature-Series-1-right-sideSIGNATURE SERIES 1

The smallest of the Signature models, this body is designed for a lighter one-ton, 84” CA chassis with a 19,500 GVWR. It is an 11’ service body with 52” tall compartments. It sports crane model H7024, which has 7000-lb max capacity and a 24’ hydraulic extend reach.

Signature-Series-2-left-sideSIGNATURE SERIES 2

The next size ups, this body is targeted for a lighter two-ton, 84” CA chassis with a 26,000 GVWR. It is an 11’ service body but has 62” tall compartments. It features crane model H10025, which has 10,000-lb max. capacity and a 25’ hydraulic extend reach. In addition to the hydraulic up/down outriggers, one of the outriggers on the SIG 2 also hydraulically extends out.

Signsature-Series-3-right-sideSIGNATURE SERIES 3

Similar to the SIG 2 model, this Signature model also features the H10025 crane model. This is a 14’ service body, however, and is designed for a heavier two-ton, 120” CA chassis with a 30,000 GVWR. It sports 62” tall compartments with infinitely adjustable shelving. The SIG 3 also sports all hydraulic outriggers.


Signature-Series-4-Lube-Truck-Right-SidePopular in industries such as Construction, Agriculture, Railroad, our Maintainer Lube Truck Bodies are great for equipment dealers, fleet managers, and service providers who need to provide fuel, lubrication, and other preventative maintenance in the field. Our SIG 4 model body is targeted for a heavier two-ton, 120” CA chassis with a 33,000 GVWR. It has a 14’ body with under deck compartments and a 3’ drop rear reel and pump compartment with aluminum roll-up door. There are seven tanks on the unit – one 850-gallon steel diesel fuel tank, two 135-gallon poly oil tanks, three 75-gallon poly tanks (two different oil grades plus antifreeze), and one 135-gallon poly tank for EVAC oil. Each tank set includes a hydraulic pump, reel and dispenser. The SIG 4 model also features a 120-lb air grease kit, a hydraulic 25-CFM air compressor with air kit, a roll-out used filter bin, exterior flood lights, interior compartment LED strip lights, and many other premium features that Maintainer customers love.


Signature-Series-5Maintainer Combination Mechanics Trucks offer a great work truck that takes advantage of our Service Truck, Lube Truck, and Crane features all in one body! The SIG 5 model is designed for the same heavier two-ton, 120” CA chassis with 33,000 GVWR as the SIG 4. Then similar to the SIG 3, this combo body is 14’ with 62” tall compartments and the H10025 model crane (10,000-lb max capacity and 25’ hydraulic reach). It features four 100-gallon tanks with hydraulic pump kits (3 oil and 1 EVAC), a 120-lb air grease kit, hydraulic 40-CFM air compressor with air kit, two DuaLock roll-our drawer sets, rear workbench push bumper, exterior flood lights, interior compartment LED strip lights, and many other premium options. The SIG 5 also sports all hydraulic outriggers.

The Signature Series bodies, as with all Maintainer products, are made from the highest quality products and manufacturing process to keep up with your tough job conditions and last longer than the competition. See for complete warranty and service information as well as detailed specifications on each model.

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