E.L. Industries Announces New Product Line Offering

Rescue Vac Industries, Inc. Distributed through E.L. Industries

rescuevacE.L. Industries International Inc. announced today that it is now a worldwide distributor for Rescue Vac Industries, Inc.

Rescue Vac is a leading manufacturer in the fire and rescue industry that designs specialty rescue equipment for fire departments, emergency response teams, and general industry.

The main focus of Rescue Vac products is equipment for trench collapse incidents in which victims can encounter fatal outcomes when it takes an extended period of time to remove dirt and debris. Through advanced and patented equipment and procedures, the Rescue Vac system was created, and is one of the first rescue vacuum systems built to be used with the world-renowned 3-stage fan on Vac-Con combination vacuum machines. When used in tandem with the 3-stage fan combination units, rescue time is reduced by 80%, taking a rescue from hours to minutes. In addition to increasing the survivability rate of victims and rescuers, the reduced operation time results in a significant reduction in manpower needs and overall operating costs.

The addition of Rescue Vac Industries products to the E.L. Industries product offering is a strategic step for both companies. E.L. Industries has been providing equipment and accessories to private and government organizations across the world for over 100 years. Rescue Vac products are consistent with E.L.’s mission to provide the best emergency, sanitary, waste, and utility offerings on the market.

To learn more about Rescue Vac products, visit us at www.elindustries.com.

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